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Key words:

#4 / 2005

Philological Sciences: Linguistics

  • L.S. Makarova
    On one experience of the analysis of art translation

    In the paper a complex communicative-pragmatic analysis of the translation of a short story of French writer E.Dabi from positions of strategies of translational activity is undertaken.

    pdf makarova2005_4.pdf  (278 Kb)

  • Z.I. Kerasheva
    Expression of denying in the Adyghe languages

    The expression of denying in the Adyghe languages is basically connected with a verb. Therefore in this paper the verbal denying expressed by morphological formants is considered.

    pdf kerasheva2005_4.pdf  (200 Kb)

  • M.M. Tesheva
    Linguistics and regional geographic aspect in teaching the English language The union of the literature and cinema

    In our country various data on this or that State taught during language training are named regional geography. The education by means of foreign language assumes knowledge of culture, history, religions and traditions of the country of studied language.

    pdf tesheva2005_4.pdf  (154 Kb)

    Literature and Literary Critisizm

  • I.N. Kolyasnikov
    An integrative field of a moral - aesthetic continuum in Nartiada

    Through principles of the organization the paper discloses the moral – aesthetic contents of Nartiada as various versions (Adyghe, Ossetic, Abkhazian, Checheno-Ingush) of “Narty” epos. The analysis of this epos has shown that this field as a continuum has in turn two integrative fields: “being good to somebody – justice” and “dignity – conscience”. Elements of the field correlate among themselves and at the same time synthesize all elements of moral – aesthetic culture, being dependent on them in their existence.

    pdf kolyasnikov2005_4.pdf  (257 Kb)


  • K.K. Khutyz
    Reading a course of lectures. The review of E.A.Sheudzhen's book “Historiography. Questions of the theory and methodology. A course of lectures”.

    The offered course is an attempt to reconstruct the traditional structure of a historiography as subject matter, having strengthened in consciousness of students the definition of “an image of a science”. This concept includes a view of scientists and society on a place of a historiography in a system of sciences, its social role, influence on other forms of spiritual culture and on value-ethical standards of members of scientific community.

    pdf hutyz2005_4.pdf  (151 Kb)