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#4 / 2010

Literary Criticism

V.V. Vishnevetskaya Formation and development of concept “a language composition” and its kinds
L.M. Ibragimov “Somebody’s /other’s” in the Russian-language Chechen literature
F.F. Kamelyanova Refraction of a genre of life in novels “Idiot” by F.M.Dostoevsky and “Doctor Zhivago” by B.L.Pasternak
F.N. Kerasheva The brothers Grimm in development of the German mythology
F.A. Kubova Turgenev and Kalambiy. On an interrelation of artistic-esthetic systems
A.K. Matyzheva The spiritually-moral contents of “small” prose on a modern theme in the Adyghe literature of the 1980-2000s.
M.M. Meretukova Christmas theme in Wilkie Collins's creativity
N.A. Otkidach Creative person of A.T.Gubin (As shown by the materials of letters, memoirs, essays and interviews)
U.M. Panesh On evolution of a method and features of realism of the 20th century
V.T. Sosnovsky Collectivization theme in the story “My Friend Momich” by K.D.Vorobyev
I.S. Ustieva Genre specificity of Kalmyk national riddles


F.B. Beshukova, B.A. Meretukova Linguoculturological aspect of functioning of the media text in a modern information society
E.E. Kasabova Treatment of the Caucasian War in English press and in memoirs of the 1830-1850s
N.P. Kravchenko Realization of new functions of journalism in the state mass-media
D.I. Kufanova Typology of the journal periodical press of Adygheya Republic in the conditions of information field
Yu.V. Luchinsky John Caldwell Calhoun and journalistic polemic on the eve of the Civil War in the USA
G.N. Nemets Publicistic discourse as a methodological construct
O.E. Rudakova Specificity of transformation of satirical creativity of Alexander Amfiteatrov
G.M. Solovyev Genre-forming factors of the modern media text: a verification problem


O.I. Avdeeva Specificity of understanding a syntagma and syntagmatic relations in phraseology
G.O. Azylbekova A utilitarian value component in German and Russian phraseology
V.S. Anokhina Properties of speech communication in families of different types
M.Yu. Balabanova Comparative characteristics of semantic content of English and Russian paroemias representing the concept “learning” (on the basis of English and Russian paroemias of the thematic group “teaching”)
N.M. Barakhoeva On the grammatical means of actualization of values of irreal modality in the Ingush language
B.M. Bersirov, T.B. Bersirov Linguistic aspects of functions of the language in the course of the moral youth education
Yu.V. Vinogradova Fragment of lexical-semantic field of a verb in speech of younger pupils
S.N. Gasanova Semantic functions of a dative case in the Agul language
S.B. Grigoryeva A category of assertion in simple sentence of the Russian modern language
F.N. Guketlova, F.A. Berbekova Metaphorical nomination of concept “beauty” in different linguocultures
Yu.V. Kobenko Exoglossic influences in the early period of development of the Germanic languages
Â.D. Kokova “Iron” and smithwork in the Kabardian-Circassian onyms
A.N. Lovpache Language features of national fairy tales about animals in the Adyghe linguoculture
G.Z. Minigulova Aggression in language and speech: theoretical questions on linguistic representation (As shown by the material of the Russian and Bashkir languages)
R.Yu. Namitokova, S.K. Sapieva The Caucasian lexicon as a translator of cultural senses in the Russian language and speech
I.A. Nikandrova On the correlation of notions “a functional semantic group of words” and “a lexical semantic group”
E.N. Orekhova Features of use of precedent phenomena by the American Linguocultural Community (on the basis of genetics)
E.V. Petrushova Verbalization of the concept “Marketing” in modern English
R.A. Pozhidaev Motivation features of the semantics of derivatives by background knowledge
S.N. Sokurova Quelques aspects du bilinguisme
N.V. Urusova The comparative characteristics of the semantics of the English and Russian core lexemes representing the concept “force”
Z.R. Khachmafova Conceptualization and verbal representation of the reality in the language of modern female prose (As shown by the material of the Russian and German languages)
L.V. Chernega Formation of participial adverbs in the light of the transitive phenomena in the language

Study of Arts

A.N. Sokolova The Adyghe agonistics
S.I. Utegalieva Sound world of the music of the Turkic people
O.A. Yartseva American Regionalism, Mexican Muralism in the Art and Work of Jackson Pollock