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the series "Philology and the Arts"
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#1 / 2009


O.I. Avdeeva Structural and grammatical aspects of syntagmatic relations between adjective idioms in Russian
M.R. Bagomedov Oikonyms of the Darghinsky language with a component khyar
Y.V. Baklagova On causality and causativity in language system
A.L. Beglyarova A concept of translation uncertainty
L.V. Bronnik Cognitive lingual synergetics as a new stage in language and thinking science
S.N. Dolzhikova Comparison in a context of the marketing communication
I.A. Il`ina Semiotics as a method of research of a virtual reality
O.N. Likhacheva Linguistic bases of teaching English-speaking students - foreigners to Russian antonymic lexicon
S.V. Lyapun Newspaper expression in a new cultural - speech situation
M.M. Naskurova An adjective phraseological - semantic macrogroup “a spiritual condition of the person” in the modern Russian and French languages
I.A. Neflyasheva The key onym in modern discourse and its word-formative potential
E.A. Novikova Lexical and semantic aspectness of the theory of localness and the factor of realization of subjectivity
R.V. Patyukova Toposes as means of realizing functions of inaugural speeches of the USA presidents in a genre of oral political discourse
A.H. Taova Some questions of the functional status of Russian borrowings in the Kabardian language
V.R. Timirkhanov Slavic name etymology and lexical-semantic science on roots of words
Z.R. Khachmafova Lexical-thematic group “feeling” in a lexicon of modern female prose
O.V. Tsepordey Irony as a category of the fiction text (on the basis of a material of language of E.M.Remarque’s novels and their translations into Russian)
I.V. Tsikusheva Linguistic means of creation of comic effect in fairy tales
V.V. Chaly Communicative elements of interpersonal manipulation in language structure of A.P. Chekhov’s works
E.D. Shevatlokhova Toponyms of the adjective type of declension


F.B. Beshukova Media discourse of modern cultural space
Y.V. Bagdadyan Conditions of providing competitiveness of printed mass media

Literary Criticism

V.Sh. Avidzba Features of Caucasian enlightenment in the 19-20th centuries
E.A. Beeva Spatial - time notions of the Adyghes (as shown by materials of myths)
N.E. Gyulnazaryan The idea of the person discrepancy in the historical novel of the end of the 20th century (A.Y. Segen', V.V. Lichutin)
I.I. Kondrashova The problem of an artistic method in setting up and development of new literatures of the Northern Caucasus
A.G. Nagapetova Conflicts and prospects of the development of the post-war “industrial prose”
B.R. Naptsok The English “Gothic” novel: on a history and poetics of the genre
S.R. Panesh Artistic opportunities enrichment in the 1970-1980s lyrical and lyrical - dramatic poems
O.V. Rybak The person and time in the artistic concept of V. Krupin’ person as shown by material of a story “Thank God for Everything”
L.V. Fedotova Spiritual - aesthetic searches of English romanticists-lakists
I.N. Khatkova The originality of a genre of “travel” in the Adyghe literature of the 19th century
M.Y. Chotchaeva The theme of deportation in the Northern Caucasus and Kalmykia writers’ creativity: an estimation of literary criticism

Study of Arts

L.A. Vishnevskaya On phenomenon ezhyu in traditional songs of Circassians and Karachaevs
E.L. Gogina Problems of studying choral music of Adygheya composers
I. Dabaeva Spiritual concert in creativity of Russian composers in the second half of the 19th through the beginning of the 20th century
J.M. Jordania On the theory of formation of vocal polyphony
T.V. Kartashova On periodization of evolutionary development of the North-Indian vocal genre thumri
T.A. Mazurina The artistic image of a modern trade mark in a context of a cultural - ecological orientation
A.S. Molchanov Repetition in an aspect of musical categorization
A.N. Sokolova Dances and instrumental music of the Kosovan Adyghes
S.I. Khvatova Divine service singing in modern Russia: in search for “the ideal model”