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#2 / 2008

Linguistics. Theoretical Problems of Linguistics

Z.I. Kerasheva Language as a valuable source for perceiving a history of people
I.V. Pellikh Youth slang as a social variety of speech
A.I. Tokareva On the aesthetic function of a poetic rhythm
M.M. Shabanov Synharmonism in Terekemeisky dialect of the Azerbaijan language

Russian Philology

L.K. Bobrysheva Modern forms of idioms in a context of subculture as the dynamics factor of conceptualization of a language picture of the world
F.K. Urakova Methodical means and forms of the organization of Russian connected speech training of the pupils of national school

Contrastive Linguistics

F.A. Autleva Lexical and semantic features of S.Ya. Marshak’s translations
F.M. Guchetl Language features of lullabies (using a material of different system languages)
Yu.V. Kulakova Mechanism of formation of pseudo-referent nominations in works of the genre of fantasy and specific features of their translation into Russian
S.N. Sklyarova Speech tonality and melody in English and Russian prosody
L.N. Shapina Euphemisms in social fields of activity: political correctness and “a wooden language” (using the French language as an example)
E.R. Khutova The concepts of love and hate in Russian and English languages
S.A. Sasina A pragmatic potential of phraseological units of the professional and terminological origin in English and Russian discourses
Z.I. Beslangurova Culture of the English-speaking world as the factor of interpersonal dialogue in the sphere of business communication

Theoretical Problems of Literary Criticism

U.M. Panesh Problems of studying the common ideological-aesthetic character of twentieth century native land literature
A.G. Nagapetova On the theory of the artistic conflict
M.V. Pokotylo Interpretation of the creativity of V.V. Mayakovsky in modern literary criticism
I.V. Tsikusheva Genre features of a literary fairy tale (using a material of the Russian and English literature as an example)

The Russian literature

L.I. Demina The originality of A. Platonov’s publicism of the 1920’s
N.M. Shishkhova Reassessment of values (L.N. Tolstoy and scientific ideas of his time)
I.I. Kondrashova L.Tolstoy and M.Gorkiy: a way to “new realism”
K.G. Ter-Minosyan The personality of the poet in a context of time (in Kseniya Nekrasova's verses)
K.G. Ter-Minosyan On some features of Kseniya Nekrasova's verses
M.Yu. Chotchayeva The concept of the human being and the human personality in Russian thought of the 19th century
M.Yu. Chotchayeva Interaction of a human and society in conditions of nonfreedom

Problems of Studying Literatures of the Peoples of the Russian Federation

K.N. Paranuk Artistic interpretation of a category of time in the Adyghe modern novel (Yu.Chuyako, N.Kuek)
A.K. Matyzheva Small artistic prose of Ibragim Tsey
M.Yu. Chenishkhova Translation as a part of the national literature
R.S. Zhazhieva Interrelation of the person and a nature in the story of Tembot Kerashev “Abrek” (1959)
Z.Sh. Botasheva Cognation of folklore and literatures of Northern Caucasus
I.Kh. Shadova From a history of the creation of novel-tetralogy “Gortsi” (“Highlanders”)


M.A. Alentieva Perception of foreign folklore motives and images in the Russian literature of 1800-1830-s.
O.V. Kapets Folklore sources of spiritual character of future Russia (using a material of the creativity of I.A. Il'in)
A.I. Sikaliev Reflection of a social system of Nogays in the heroic epos


Bersirov B.M. Reality of Adyghe-Russian bilingualism in H.Z.Bagirokov's monography “Bilingualism: theoretical and applied aspects”