The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,<br />
the series "Philology and the Arts" The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series "Philology and the Arts"
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Topics of the journal
 “The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University, the Series “Philology and the Arts”

The subject of the journal was created in compliance with the mission and objectives of the journal and on the basis of the nomenclature of scientists’ specialties.

Mission of the journalis uniting efforts of departments, famous scientists and the beginner researchers to promote perspective scientific ideas and research of features of formation of multinational cross-cultural space of domestic literature, formation of domestic art of the word, national lines and typological relationships, art and esthetic communities of separate literatures, specifics of a neologization of Russian in different spheres of its functioning in connection with sociocultural life of society, a role of the creative person in development of language, lexicon of languages with different systems and its lexicographing, structural and typological coincidence and divergences, structural and typological universalities, specific features of separate languages, integration of sciences in studying phenomena of art; processes of integration and disintegration in science, art and art education; the personality as many-sided entity in science, art and art education; problems of preservation of ethnic identity in culture and art; problems of interaction of traditions and innovations in modernization of system of art education.

The scientific directionof the edition according to branches of sciences:

Philological Sciences 10.00.00

Art Criticism 17.00.00

The journal focuses upon research and educational problems. The journal is intended for research associates, higher school teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, students and a wide range of readers. The journal includes the following sections "Linguistics", "Literary criticism", "Folklore Studies", "Journalism", and "Art criticism". The edition is thus oriented on the publication of the special original articles dedicated to history and theory of language ("Linguistics"), to formation and development of literary process ("Literary Criticism"), to analysis of specifics of the artistic forms of folklore ("Folklore Studies"), to investigations of cross-cultural space of mass communication ("Journalism"), and to clearing up a wide range of the questions related to art criticism ("Art Criticism").

Special attention is paid to the publication of the works describing features of literature and art of the 20th century as the phenomenon, reflecting evolution of world culture and absorbing lines of different currents and directions. The journal gives the chance to print scientific works regularly helping formation of a complex of problems that, in turn, promotes effective activity of schools of sciences and the directions. Authors of the published works are the prominent scientists having the international popularity, higher school research associates and post-graduate students. The journal is published both as printed and electronic version and is in open access.