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the series "Philology and the Arts"
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#1 / 2017


Abregov A.N., Sheozheva B.A. Record of morphonological changes in word structure of the Abkhaz-Adyghe languages in etymological researches
Adzinova A.A., Kopot L.V. Interrelation of verbal and iconic components of the creolised text (from material of the journal for motorists «Driving»)
Germasheva T.M. Language game as instrument of updating linguistic creativity
Donskova L.A., Bagirokov Kh.Z. Psycholinguistic bases of communicative tolerance of linguistic person
Ivanova K.A. Strategy in speech communication: theoretical aspect
Kondratovà A.V. Conceptual foundations of the ergonymic field formation
Korotkova M.O. Features of realization of colloquial speech in a literary dialogue (as shown by Anna Gavalda’s novels “Je l’aimais” and “Ensemble, c’est tout”)
Kysylbaikova M.I. Comparative analysis of the fragments of language consciousness of native English and Yakut languages speakers (as shown by concept «Culture»)
Loova A.D., Khachetsukova Z.K. Steady core of a stereotypic image: national specifics, original traditions as the stabilizing mutual understanding factor in cross-cultural communication
Nechay Yu.P., Shishkina A.G. German and Russian fairy tales: the national peculiarities
Plaksina V.A., Ostrovskaya T.A. Actualization of a cluster concept of «ëèöåìåðèå / hypocrisy» in a political discourse
Popova L.G., Vorobyeva O.Yu. Conceptualization of the earth as natural phenomenon in the English and Russian texts of the heroic epos
Popova L.G., Zezyulya I.N. Rest representation as break in work in the English and Russian paroemias
Popova L.G., Ismailova S.N. Display of external beauty in the English and Azerbaijani phraseological pictures of the world
Popova L.G., Kulakova Yu.N. Lexicographic means of representation of a core of concept «thrift» in the German and English languages
Subirkina N.Yu. On linguistic creativity (as shown by a study of unformal toponyms)
Tikhonova A.P. Tenses and Moods in the Hattian and Abhazian-Adyghe Languages
Filimonova E.P. Language personality of the sportscaster in discourse space of mass media
Khachak F.D. Feature reflection of national mentality in proverbs of writer-bilingual R. Trakho
Khachmafova Z.R., Chuprakova E.V. Representations of an emotional condition of the female character in verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication

Literary Criticism

Bakov Kh.I. On the problem of innovation in Boris Utizhev’s works
Dzhambekova T.B., Inarkaeva S.I. The idea of the person/personality in structure of current Chechen female prose
Kapets O.V., Kapets V.P. Problem of formation of the personality in L.N. Tolstoy and I.A. Ilyin’s heritage
Khadzhieva L.L. Opposition ‘the village — the city’ in creative consciousness of M. Isakovsky
Khadzhieva L.L., Tovsultanova D.S. Art structure and author’s discourse in M.V. Isakovsky’s book ‘On the Yelnya Earth’

Study of Arts

Ivinskikh G.P. Theater and audience: long-distance relations (as shown by theatrical life in Perm in the 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries)
Makina A.V. Cantoral activities of the Archimandrite Matthew (Mormyl)
Nesterov S.I. Dramaturgic and composition features of a miniature for a violin solo in the last third of the 20th century
Sorokina U.V. On the preservation and revival of spiritual musical culture in Rostov-on-Don during the second half of the 20th century
Spiridonova A.V. Russian folk embroidery: ornament, character, motive

#2 / 2017


Zhade Z.A. REVIEW over monographs of Vartumyan A.A. and Kornienko T.A. "Modernization political processes: civilization and national specifics" and "Political process in "not western" polities: the role of traditions and innovations"


Alentyeva M.A., Chitao L.R. Cross-cultural communication as new level of language competence
Anchek S.Kh. Some features of language space of Adyghe lullabies
Atazhakhova S.T. Reduplication in the Adyghe language and its specifics
Beketova A.A. System-forming signs of an Internet discourse and value picture of the world
Bidanok M.M. Reduplication models of stem-composition in fiction texts of Kh.Ashinov
Dzhandar B.M., Loova A.D. On a national originality of gender stereotype functioning in native speakers’ language consciousness (from material of the German and Adyghe cultures)
Kambachokov A.M., Khashkhozheva Z.T. The problems of semantic and grammatical peculiarities of participle in the Kabardino-Circassian language
Kopot L.V., Shevatlokhova E.D., Arkhipova I.V. On formation of the standard of speech in mass media
Kurbaitaeva A.A., Biryukova E.V. The phenomenon of stylistic paradox in the editorial (from material of journalism and press style)
Kubashicheva S.K., Chitao L.R. Efficiency of the metaphorical nominations in semantic space of languages of different systems
Lebedeva L.A., Savrasova O.M. Intercultural lacunas in the structure of concepts: the Russian concept CHUZHOI -FOREIGN and the Czech ÑIZ&#205; - FOREIGN
Osipov G.A. On the issue of a text ideologization estimation in a political discourse (as shown by American politicians’ speeches)
Plaksina V.A. Implementation of a cluster concept of «hypocrisy» in discoursive space of policy
Popova L.G., Kulakova Yu.N. Lexical-semantic representation of thrift in ecological texts in the German and English languages
Ptuschenko E.B., Petrishin D.V. Promising information technologies as tool of knowledge in linguistics
Rus-Bryushinina I.-V., Sokur E.A., Kharrash N.I. Prosodic component of the Russian prosaic and poetic speech
Sasina S.A., Bricheva M.M. Linguistic aspects of a naming (from material of English-language brands)
Tikhonova A.P. Hattian-Abkhazian-Adyghe Lexical Correspondencies (History and Modern Times)
Tuguz G.T. On correlation of words and phraseological units in the Adyghe language
Khachak F.D. Features of sovietism functioning in works of the writer-bilingual
Yastrebov-Pestritsky M.S. Peripheral semantic microfields in the metaphorical field of «Travel across Kamchatka» of I. Selvinsky

Literary Criticism

Naptsok B.R., Meretukova M.M. Genre invariants and originality of poetics of Christmas prose (from material of the Russian literature of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century)
Panesh U.M., Sokolova G.V., Sosnovsky V.T. On typological features of the Adyghe lyrical poetry of the beginning of the 1960s – the 1980s
Panesh U.M., Akhidzhakova M.P., Urakova F.K. On genre, structural and style features of historical and historical-revolutionary prose in the Adyghe literature of the 1960 – 1980s
Stepanova T.M., Autleva F.A. The folklore principle in comprehension of an antithesis of «poetry and the truth» in «The Legend of Sleepy Hollow» by W. Irving
Chekalov P.K., Inarkaeva S.I. Historical - philosophical context of personality depiction in the story of M.E. Beksultanov «The road returning to top”
Chotchaeva M.Yu., Sosnovsky V.T. Postmodernism in culture and literature of the present
Shishkhova N.M. The principles of the historical narration in the Russian tragedies of the 18th century


Mirumyan A.G. Evolution of the concept «technology» in mass communication researches

Study of Arts

Voitleva N.A. The genre of imagination in works of the Ossetian composer A. Makoev
Kurmanaev E.M. Musical remarques as a means for thematic development of sheet music text, its pragmatic interpretation