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#1 / 2007

Philological Sciences

Ò.Ò. Neshcheretova On semantic motivation of a category of gender
A.A. Khatkhe Names of grassy plants with structure of a word and a word-combination in the Adyghe and English languages

#3 / 2007

Linguistics. Theoretical Problems of Linguistics

E.N. Ryadchikova and S.V. Tarasenko Linguistic and cultural principles and ways of reflection of national consciousness and national culture in language
M.P. Akhidzhakova Setting up of a linguistic metatheory within the framework of a history of linguistics
T.A. Ostrovskaya À standard language and modern social-territorial dialects in the Great Britain
A.P. Tikhonova Linguistic and cultural aspects of a language sign (on a material of the Adyghe, Hattic and Hettic languages)

Russian Philology

R.Y. Namitokova Actualizers of author's neologisms in the text and author's neologisms as actualizers of the text (on a material of the author's neologisms of Eugeny Evtushenko)
I.A. Neflyasheva Occasional words with the attribute meaning in mass-media texts: a cognitive-pragmatic aspect
L.V. Kopot Univerbation as a phenomenon of word formation from the point of view of social linguistics
L.A. Avakova Specific features of chess term functioning in the specialized context
G.A. Melkonyan The dynamics of polysemy and homonymy in the Russian language and its lexicographic interpretation
A.A. Adzinova Titles in the creolized text (on a material from "glossy" fashion magazines)
S.S. Shkhalakho Caucasian terms in the lexical system of the Russian language
G.B. Gurtskaya and V.B. Gurtskaya Abkhazian terms in Fazil Iskander’s prose
M.S. Skhakumidova Speech behaviour of the manipulator as a rhetorical phenomenon

Adyghe Linguistics

A.N. Abregov Labialization and delabialization as phonetic processes: development of labialized consonants during phonetic adaptation of loan-words in Abkhazian-Adyghe languages
S.K. Abregova The value of lexicon of the Shapsug dialect for historical lexicology and its role in enrichment of the dictionary structure of the Adyghe literary language (using a material from “Russian-Circassian or Adigsky dictionary” of L.Y. Lyulie)

Contrastive Linguistics

F.I. Kheishkho Predicative verbal idioms of Russian and Adyghe languages: structural and grammatical features
S.A. Sasina Scientific terminological phraseological units in English and Russian discourses.
Z.G. Teuchezh Translation paraphrasing and its versions
Z.A.-D. Bidzhiev Formal-semantic types of nominative sentences in languages of various typologies (on materials of the Karachevo-Balkar, English and Russian languages)
Y.P. Nechay and N.V. Ignatieva Author's plan of modal relations in E.Voynich's novel “The Gadfly” and in its translations into Russian
S.N. Khut On formation of a bilingual person (as shown by Adyghe-Russian bilinguism)
F.A. Autleva Comprehension of the translation process as a multi-aspect phenomenon at the boundary of the 20th and 21st centuries
L.S. Makarova A toolkit for the analysis of artistic translation
A.V. Utkina Substantiation of the cognitive approach to a category of comic

Theoretical Problems of Literary Criticism

U.M. Panesh Integration of cultures and problems of studying the Soviet literature of the 20th century
K.N. Ankudinov The modern neo-romantic poetry as “the parallel culture”
N.V. Belaya Tradition and innovation as the major components of literary creativity
S.R. Panesh Study of traditions of a poem about the past in the beginning and in the middle of the 1960s (I. Mashbash, A. Gadagatl', H. Beretar' and N. Bagov)
F.B. Beshukova Postmodernist discourse of modern media culture
N.Y. Prais The native land and foreign land: publicistic works of D.Ñ. Mirsky and A.V.Tyrkova-Williams created in England in the 1920-1940-s
L.V. Chistobaeva On a problem of satirical and comic in the Russian literature of the 1920-1930s

The Russian literature

L.I. Demina Lyrical conflict in poetry of the 1950s
I.A. Tishchenko Ecology of a nature as an object of art comprehension in modern Russian prose
T.Y. Sedinkina The composite analysis of a poem “Village” of A.S. Pushkin
I.I. Kondrashova The nature of artistic synthetism in V.Veresaev's creativity

Problems of Studying Literatures of the Peoples of the Russian Federation

Z.S. Botasheva Interaction of ideas of North Caucasian new literatures and the Russian literature
A.K. Pshizova A genre, a historicism and classification of T.Kerashev’s short stories
N.S. Vasilieva A modern essay and a story in the Adyghe literature (the aspect of intragenre typology)
B.D. Khunagova Specific features of a lyrical-epical genre in the literature of the Northern Caucasus peoples
M.M. Gubanukaeva Specificity of formation and development of the genre of the novel in the Chechen-Ingush literature
K.N. Paranuk Female archetypes in a figurative system of the Adyghe modern novel (Y. Chuyako, N.Kuek, H.Beshtokov, D.Koshubaev)
A.K. Matyzheva An Adyghe short story (on general and special in typology)
T.M. Vostkhasheva The Adyghe literature in the 1920-1960s
M.N. Khachemizova The horseman of honour (on place of Tembot Kerashev and Alim Keshokov in spiritual culture of Adyghes)
F.N. Khuako Social-historical and genre preconditions of strengthening a personal element in North Caucasian prose (1930-1950s)


T.M. Stepanova and L.P. Bessonova Typology of folklorism in literary texts
S.L. Zukhba and E.M. Maliya Akhyn – the patron of large horned livestock in the Abkhazian-Adyghe mythology
S.M. Nekhay Artistic – expressive means in poetics of the Adyghe lyrical songs
R.B. Unarokova “Histories” of Daut Byrs in a context of humorous culture of Adyghes
O.V. Kapets Folkloric sources of I.A. Il’in’s creativity (on a material of work “Singing Heart. The Book of Silent Contemplations”)
M.M. Pashtova The Adyghe humorous culture: contextual conditionality
N.H. Emykova The Adyghe languages and folklore in a system of broadcasting (1926-1950)

Study of Arts

V.G. Mozgot Some tendencies in artistic taste developing in modern students
S.I. Khvatova The Eucharist church chanting in the Russian Orthodox Church
S.A. Mozgot Specificity of research of space in music: on inclusion of an analytical method
V.A. Gurevich “Box of the thoughts” by A.G. Rubinstein as a document of the epoch
A.N. Sokolova Ecological aspects of musical-instrumental culture of Western Adyghes
J.M. Jordania “You are Scholars, and of Course, You Know This Better than Me”: Few Issues of the Perception of Traditional Music by Ethnomusicologists and by the Carriers of the Traditions
P.A. Sergeeva Vocal-choral lessons as the important means of formation in schoolboys of the emotional-valuable attitude to the world in interpreting an artistic image of folk – song folklore
S.A. Zhiganova An invitation to the wedding in the Kuban folklore tradition