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#2 / 2011

Literary Criticism

  • B.M. Zhachemukova, F.B. Beshukova
    Art specificity of a genre of the historical novel

    The paper examines in a retrospective the poetics and esthetics of a genre of the historical novel. The research urgency is caused by necessity of the accurate scientific description of the genre and revealing its invariants for national literatures. The Walter Scott’s art system is analyzed to find out the basic type-forming genre development in the world and domestic literatures. A definition of a genre and its style forms is given.

    pdf zhachemukova2011_2.pdf  (364 Kb)

  • D.O. Kutsaenko
    Interpretations of concept of history in the novel “Doctor Zhivago”

    The paper analyses the interpretations of concept of history in B.L. Pasternak’s novel “Doctor Zhivago” made by domestic and foreign researchers from an output of the novel till now. The spectrum of opinions on interpretation of historical events in the novel changes from ideologically painted up to culturological and historiosophical. The history in “Doctor Zhivago” is considered as representation of “memory of culture”, made by people, and the constructive force of a narration.

    pdf kutsaenko2011_2.pdf  (275 Kb)

  • E.V. Nickolskiy
    Cyclization in historical prose of Vsevolod Solovyov

    The paper deals with the cyclization of narration in the historical novels of Vsevolod Solovyov on Russian history of the 17th century. These novels reflected the tragic circumstances of life of Russian queens, princesses, as well as representatives of the aristocratic families of the seventeenth century. The basis for including works in a reader's cycle were specificity of chronotope, a generality of the main and minor characters, repeatability of situations, speculations of the writer about the nature of the autocratic power. The author of the paper comes to a conclusion that consecutive consideration of social and psychological features of life of three generations of the Romanov dynasty in the Kremlin Palace promoted occurrence of a cycle of literary production in creativity of the writer.

    pdf nickolskiy2011_2.pdf  (292 Kb)

  • A.A. Fokin, I.Yu. Malygina
    Anthropological approaches to studying the literature of the North Caucasus

    The paper provides the substantiation of anthropological poetics through a prism of history of formation of anthropological ideas in philology and, in particular in the Caucasus science. Ways of anthropological studying the literature of the North Caucasus are staticized. The authors formulate the principles of translation of national cultural traditions in the literature of the North Caucasus. (The work was implemented within the limits of Federal Target Program “Scientific and pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia” for 2009-2013. The State Contract No. 16.740.11.0116 of 9/2/2010).

    pdf fokin2011_2.pdf  (325 Kb)

  • P.A. Yakimov
    Lexical presentation of Christian artifacts in the poetry of A.A. Akhmatova

    The paper discusses functioning of the words naming Christian artifacts in poetry of A.A. Akhmatova, the outstanding poetess of the 20-th century. After a general characteristic of religiousness of A.A. Akhmatova’s poetry the detailed analysis of esthetic functioning of the words naming Christian artifacts is presented. The special attention is given to the characteristic of associative links of these nominations with Russia.

    pdf yakimov2011_2.pdf  (293 Kb)


  • Z.Sh. Kidakoeva
    Journalistic-publicistic activity of socialist revolutionary in the Kuban region in 1918

    The paper characterizes the situation of socialist revolutionaries in the Kuban area, as well as their publicistic activity in 1918. The author provides the history of creation of the newspaper “Native Land” by the Southeast Committee of Members of the Russian Constituent Assembly. The “Democracy” publicistic collection of articles is examined and the circle of authors is defined.

    pdf kidakoeva2011_2.pdf  (298 Kb)

  • G.N. Nemets
    Object of gnosiology in journalism: in search for methods of conceptualization

    The paper is devoted to research of gnosiology in journalism. The author examines specificity of conceptualization of the object of knowledge in journalistic theory and practice and defines methodologically concepts “method”, “object” and “idea” as a gnosiological basis of journalistic creation.

    pdf nemets2011_2.pdf  (312 Kb)

  • O.G. Panaetov
    Founders and ideals of the “Krinitsa” community

    The paper gives a short sketch of the foundation of the Krinitsa intellectual agricultural community, the characteristic of its founders, the purposes and problems of this social experiment. The author discloses features of idea dissipation of V.V. Eropkin’s followers, the role and place of these ideas in Russian revolutionary movement.

    pdf panaetov2011_2.pdf  (348 Kb)

  • V.V. Smeyukha
    Transformation of functional features of female magazines in a historical context

    The paper discusses functions of domestic female magazines. The study of their functional features in the course of historical transformation of a society shows that the role and value of female editions in social public structure change.

    pdf smeyukha2011_2.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • M.A. Shakhbazyan
    The church sermon as a paradigm of Russian religious-philosophical publicism

    The paper reveals the paradigmal aspects of religious-philosophical publicism. The author considers the church sermon in a context of the basic functions of journalism, gives genre classification with accents on the publicistic sermon and defines subjects, characteristic of the religious-philosophical publicism at the beginning of the 20-th century. External similarity of Russian religious-philosophical publicism and the literary criticism is marked along with their qualitative distinction. Coming outside the borders of a paradigm in the field of dogma is stated.

    pdf shakhbazyan2011_2.pdf  (334 Kb)


  • A.Yu. Bedzhanova
    The comment clause as a component of postmodernist discourse

    The paper discusses functioning of comment clauses as a type of parenthetical insertions in postmodernist discourse. Comment clauses are characterized as a syntactic means of overcoming the distance with the reader and establishing contact with him. A number of examples are adduced to illustrate that comment clauses are frequent markers in English postmodernist discourse and that they contribute to exact and adequate understanding of a piece of literature.

    pdf bedzhanova2011_2.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • E.A. Bogdanova
    On national features of communicative behavior of carriers of the Russian, French and Adyghe languages (as shown by paroemiological units about good and harm)

    The paper examines features of national communicative behavior of carriers of the Russian, French and Adyghe languages on the basis of paroemiological units. The role of paroemiological fund is defined in revealing and describing the concept sphere of ethnos. Using an example of the proverbs containing concepts about good and harm, the author compares world-view of representatives of lingual-cultural communities under study.

    pdf bogdanova2011_2.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • M.M. Bricheva
    Word-building fields of the native English adjectives in contemporary English (on the basis of the analysis of Chambers 21st Century Dictionary, 1996)

    The paper examines the structural and semantic peculiarities of the word-building fields of the native English adjectives. The study of the theory of fields helps the author to give structural and semantic characteristics of the word-building fields. The author reveals the most productive types of the word-building of adjectives from the root stems of different types.

    pdf bricheva2011_2.pdf  (310 Kb)

  • E.A. Vaganova
    Composition and structure of the political discourse in printed Mass Media

    In the paper, an attempt is undertaken to present a synthesis of pragmalinguistics, social constructionism, cognitive psychology and interpretative interactionism in the context of the analytical model of the Mass Media discourse. The author gives the results of the grounded consideration of the semantics of the Mass Media discourse and its content (a subject of the discourse, a subject of the speaker, a content of the discourse). The goal of the research is to reveal the composition and structure of the political discourse. The media texts on the President’s election in Russia in March, 2008, were analyzed.

    pdf vaganova2011_2.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • N.A. Goncharova
    Directivity in political newspaper communications: the essence of information and language indicators

    An attempt is undertaken to disclose the linguistic mechanism of functioning of directive units in active syntax and to present a complex description of a functional linguistic category of directivity as a category of speech product incentiveness.

    pdf goncharova2011_2.pdf  (313 Kb)

  • S.N. Dolzhikova
    Interrelation of external and internal forms of the marketing text

    The paper examines the interrelation of external and internal forms of the marketing text. After consideration of the text-forming characteristics, the mechanisms of text generation / text categories are described. The author discusses the mechanisms and operating conditions of the text of the marketing message, using specific examples, and the phenomena revealed for the analysis and consideration from the point of view of text categories and properties.

    pdf dolzhikova1_2011_2.pdf  (311 Kb)

  • S.N. Dolzhikova, I.O. Morozova
    Style-forming signs of PR texts

    The paper examines genre groups of simple primary PR texts. After consideration of each genre group of PR texts, pragmatic characteristics of investigated genre versions are given. The authors provide basic concepts of genre-forming factors of PR texts and the characteristic of a subject of display. Main objectives of PR texts are discussed.

    pdf dolzhikova2_2011_2.pdf  (354 Kb)

  • S.Yu. Zamay
    Sign as a representative of a word meaning in contexts of fiction texts of V.Woolf (basing on a material of stories “A Haunted House” and “The String Quartet”)

    The paper examines the sign dualism as a linguistic phenomenon. The author shows the dual nature of the sign, which is capable to act in profound structures of V.Woolf’s texts as a carrier of sense generation. Having been explicated, it functions as a sign symbol. Basing on a material of investigated texts, the status of a language sign as a sign symbol is established. Displacement of semantic shades of signs to signs symbols in the course of an explication in language consciousness of V.Woolf expands a range of outlook and discloses essence of human relations.

    pdf zamay2011_2.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • P.M. Zekieva
    Headline complex in the newspaper as a macrostructure of a title of the article

    The paper discusses the historical social evolution of the newspaper in the general complex of mass media. The author describes the obvious tendency to use full informative syntactic structures in German publicism and the use of the direct or mixed kinds of connection of the title with the subsequent text with the full syntactic form. The newspaper, as the oldest form in system of mass-media, develops the basic stylistic means which are transferred afterwards to other forms of publicism.

    pdf zekieva2011_2.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • O.V. Lymar
    Metanarration as a text-forming principle in space of language and culture

    The paper examines metanarration as a text-forming principle in space of language and culture. The author identifies and describes basic parameters of metanarrative principle of narration on the basis of contrastive analysis of the romantic and postmodern metanarration. Their comparison allows the author to define novels analyzed in the work as different-narrative types of text.

    pdf lymar2011_2.pdf  (293 Kb)

  • S.V. Lyapun
    Newspaper publicism in a paradigm of linguistic researches of the 21-st century

    The paper discloses new aspects of learning the mass-media language, caused by development of anthropocentric and functional approaches in domestic linguistics. The special attention is given to cognitive, pragmatic, sociolinguistic and cultural-speech aspects. They allow the author to profoundly and comprehensively describe the language of the modern newspaper publicism using linguistic mechanisms of influence on mass audience.

    pdf lyapun2011_2.pdf  (355 Kb)

  • N.N. Olomskaya
    Cognitive aspect in PR discourse study

    The paper examines PR discourse from a position of the cognitive approach on the basis of the discourse analysis of speech messages. Having considered the realization of speech activity in PR discourse, the author characterizes the communicative-information channels as a link between the facts and information constructs. The data are given that the communicative process doesn't come to an end by processing structural features and information interpretation, Processes forming social culture are described. Structural and stylistic changes in the mass-media depicting new social-philosophical concepts of a contemporary society are discussed.

    pdf olomskaya2011_2.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • E.N. Orekhova
    Use of precedent phenomena as manipulative means in the political communication (based on the articles of British and American Mass Media)

    The paper studies the mechanisms of precedent phenomena used as means of manipulation of public consciousness. The purpose of the work is to prove that precedent phenomena can arouse associations necessary for realization of influence function. The author shows the effectiveness of precedent phenomena used to achieve manipulative objects.

    pdf orekhova2011_2.pdf  (319 Kb)

  • G.A. Osipov
    Modern tendencies in the discourse theory

    This paper discusses modern tendencies in the study of discourse theory, as well as views of contemporary researchers on this concept. An attempt is made to characterize discourse from the point of view of different authors and to define its place in modern communicative linguistics. The relations between discourse and text, discourse and speech are examined in the paper.

    pdf osipov2011_2.pdf  (299 Kb)

  • L.M. Pelipenko
    Integral and differential properties of the phraseological units with the component-numeral “one-îäèí” in the English and Russian languages

    The article is devoted to an analysis of English and Russian phraseological units with the component-numeral “one-îäèí”. The study is based on comparison of their functional and semantic characteristics in order to identify both integral and differential properties. The analysis is performed according to the algorithm: first the semantic properties of numerals “one and îäèí” are studied, their semantic and functional properties are described; the second part of the analysis is represented by contrasting description of phraseological units.

    pdf pelipenko2011_2.pdf  (342 Kb)

  • T.V. Pozdeeva
    Subject-address relations in political newspaper communication: the essence, correlation and language markers

    The paper examines the language markers of different levels functioning in newspaper communications of political character. The language markers are used to implement the interrelation between the subject and the addressee of the news information. The author shows means of dialogue, used to establish contacts with the addressee and to maintain his attention.

    pdf pozdeeva2011_2.pdf  (327 Kb)

  • B.Kh. Pseunova
    Anthroponyms as national and cultural specificity of à slang bearer’s language consciousness

    The paper deals with anthroponyms, which are slang units or a component of a slang unit. The author gives a detailed description of slang anthroponyms presented in dictionaries of the English and American slang, as well as outlines the main types of slang anthroponyms reflecting national and cultural specificity of American slang.

    pdf pseunova2011_2.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • V.A. Skvortsova
    Cogitative styles through a prism of language space of communicative strategy

    The research objective is to allocate parameters of the communicative strategy of each cogitative style. The author presents five cogitative styles, gives definition of the communicative strategy, distinguishes the key parameters of the communicative strategy, describes each parameter of the communicative strategy and simulates a cogitative style in accordance with this parameter. In the work, the communicative strategy of five cogitative styles is simulated.

    pdf skvortsova2011_2.pdf  (361 Kb)

  • E.V. Smirnova
    Metaphor as the most productive way of formation of new terms in cardiological lexicon (as shown by the English and Russian languages)

    The paper shows the role of a metaphorical nomination in medical terminology. The process of metaphorization in professional language of cardiologists is investigated. Basing on the semantic analysis, the author establishes the basic tendencies in formation of terms-metaphors in cardiological terminology of the English and Russian languages.

    pdf smirnova2011_2.pdf  (304 Kb)

  • L.V. Tolstikova
    The cognitive-pragmatic aspect of foreign borrowings in newspaper discourse (as shown by the English and Russian languages)

    The paper examines the features of the use of foreign borrowings in newspaper discourse in the framework of a cognitive-pragmatic approach to their description. The purpose of research is to investigate the use of foreign borrowings in newspaper discourse to realize the social-pragmatic position of the author and to form the picture of the world.

    pdf tolstikova2011_2.pdf  (336 Kb)

  • L.V. Chalabaeva
    Concept “coming to a decision and decision execution” (a cognitive-discourse aspect)

    The paper substantiates the interpretation of the act “coming to a decision and decision execution” as a concept in the interdisciplinary aspect. The author gives the results of the analysis and the description of hierarchy of the components making a complex of discourses, representing the act of coming to a decision and decision execution. It is inferred that research of concept “coming to a decision and decision execution” in various areas of the life of the person and society will promote a construction of its integrative model, as well as a definition of its status in concept sphere of the civilized person.

    pdf chalabaeva2011_2.pdf  (344 Kb)

  • A.R. Shkhumishkhova
    Stylistic functions of culinary metaphors in a sports discourse

    The paper examines the stylistic use of culinary metaphors in sports journalism. The enhanced expressiveness of this kind of publicistic creativity is proposed. The author describes the estimated and graphic functions of the culinary metaphors possessing a high pragmatic potential.

    pdf shkhumishkhova2011_2.pdf  (317 Kb)

    Study of Arts

  • K.E. Grigoryan
    Last hero of the Russian cinematography

    The paper examines the problem related to disappearance of an image of the hero from screens. Concepts “figurativeness”, “actor”, as well as a role of the director in creation of the main character of a piece of screen, using an example of Federico Fellini movie “8 l/2” are analyzed. The phenomenon of popularity of Danila Bagrov, the hero of Alexey Balabanov’s movies “Brother” and “Brother – 2”, embodied by Sergey Bodrov junior is comprehended.

    pdf grigoryan2011_2.pdf  (302 Kb)

  • A.N. Sokolova
    The general Adyghe and local in traditional instrumental culture of the Adyghes

    The paper is devoted to revealing the general Adyghe and local characteristics of the Adyghe traditional instrumental culture. Using the synergetic approach, the author considers the instrumental culture of the Adyghes to be a complicated nonlinear and open system. Interaction of general Adyghe and local elements promotes self-organizing of system, safety or revival of archaic lines and active updating the system at the expense of interchange of local or subethnic components.

    pdf sokolova2011_2.pdf  (368 Kb)