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#1 / 2014


  • Bagirokov Kh.Z. ,Khut M.R.
    Cross-cultural aspect in the bilingual fiction text

    This paper examines the way of representation of cross-cultural component in the fiction text of the bilingual language personality. The complex processes related to dynamic development of relevant fragments of a picture of the world are shown to be the result of the cognitive activity of the writer bilingual. The language incorporates results of a combination of activity of the person since a parallel cognitive and culturological picture of the world is created in language consciousness of the bilingual.

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  • Volobuyev I.V.
    Specific features of use of a perceptual metaphor in advertising

    This paper discusses how a perceptual metaphor is functioning in advertising and its positive impact on the addressee (consumer). The perceptual metaphor in advertising is used, in the majority of cases, as the metaphorical phrase the cornerstone of which is the adjective. Examples are given to show the use of adjectives in a perceptual metaphor at different levels of perception in advertising. It has been revealed that the nominative discourse possibilities of a perceptual metaphor which is used by advertisers to give a positive assessment to advertised goods are of special interest.

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  • Galla M.V.
    The macro - and micromodels of functioning of a prepositional presubstantive dative case basing on a press material in a genre of «an event note» (1946-1955)

    This paper describes eight macromodels and several micromodels of functioning of a prepositional presubstantive dative case in a genre of «an event note» in the German press. Within a time span of 1946-1955, 17 micromodels are used in style of the press in the genre of «an event note». In this genre, the constructions that include a presubstantive dative case are various. Of 17 micromodels which are noted on this cut, only one incorporates two adnominal modifiers. It is inferred that this genre is filled with presubstantive constructions. They are also used in headings. These constructions are lapidary.

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  • Gitinova I.K.
    Improperly - direct speech: pragmatical aspect

    The paper deals with the improperly-direct speech in pragmatical aspect. The pragmatics is investigated as an aspect of semiotics of the improperly-direct speech. The author allocates the following aspects of the improperly-direct speech pragmatical component: emotional - personal, estimated - professional, deep - superficial). It has been established that the emotional - estimated image of the political personality can be created in a newspaper material by means of perception by the recipient of fragments of performances, statements, interview or any other acts of communication, i.e. the so-called improperly-direct speech.

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  • Golyev A.A.
    Lingual-culturological features of the translation of proverbs and sayings into the Russian, English and Estonian languages (as shown by the translations of the novel of Jaroslav Ha&#353;ek «The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier &#352;vejk During the

    The comparative analysis is made of the proverbs and sayings revealed in the translation texts of Jaroslav Hašek’s work “The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War” in the Russian, English and Estonian languages. Semantics of the revealed proverbs and sayings is studied. The language, being part of culture, displays national specifics of an objective picture of the world. It has been established that information coded in language by the author of the translation text, organizes, display of that reality at the reader to which the translator and the reader belong.

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  • Djalilova A.B.
    Case category of the Rutul language in comparison with the English language

    An analysis is made of case category in the Rutul and English languages. In the Rutul language, case meanings reflect wider range of noun relations to other words. In English, this grammatical paradigm demonstrates narrower reflection of case relations. In particular, in the Mukhad dialect we can find three main, two intermediate and twelve locative cases, while in the Khnov dialect of Rutul language there are three main, two intermediate and eight locative cases. In English language, case paradigm contains common and possessive case forms.

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  • Zaytseva S.S.
    Gender suffixes in the English language (based on English lexical units, nominating a person)

    The paper is devoted to the study of the gender component of meaning as shown by English nominations of a person, built up by means of gender suffixes. The given suffixes serve to produce feminine nouns. An analysis is made of the practical material to single out and describe the main subject groups. In the course of the research we have established that the gender element was used as an important link for understanding the peculiarities of the linguistic personality.

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  • Ibragimova M.O.
    The structural and functional characteristic of cases of the Post «beyond the reference point» series in the Rutul language

    In this paper, we identify the postessive/ postlative and postelative case designing features in the Rutul language. Guided by the factual material we describe the functions of cases of Post «beyond the reference point» series. It has been determined that the cases of the Post series in the Rutul language expand the semantics and design not only the adverbial modifier of place, but the subject and the object of the action, as well as the adverbial modifier of time and the adverbial modifier of manner.

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  • Kachalaeva M.A.
    Semantic features of the verbal comparative phraseological units in the Kumyk and English languages

    The paper deals with the category of comparative semantics in the verbal phraseological units. In each language, by a way of solid sampling from dictionaries, we have selected about 100 verbal phraseological units. The comparative analysis of the phraseological unit components is made. The problems of structural changes of phraseological units are examined. The study of the comparative semantics helps us to reveal interlingual compliances and distinctions in comparative relations.

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  • Kvashevich (Popovskaya) V.B.
    Analysis of concept “definition” in the discourse (logical aspect)

    In this paper, we tried to present a naming issue in connection with the functioning of gender stereotypes in the discourse. In the context of speech implementations, understanding of gender stereotypes is formed through the analysis and systematization of namings and classifications, reflecting the diversity of gender stereotypes and their evolution. Discursiveness is expressed in the multi-factor social and cultural reasons of synonymous variability which is observed in the verbalization of one and the same stereotype.

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  • Kosteva V.M.
    On the legitimacy of the term «totalitarian» linguistics in contemporary research paradigm

    The concept of «totalitarian» linguistics is considered. The «totalitarian» linguistics is shown to be an object of several discourses: political and aggressive. The «totalitarian» linguistics is a broad concept, which is implemented in several meanings. It has been found that the «totalitarian» linguistics can be regarded as a term of the linguistic paradigm of «totalitarian», which refers also to the «totalitarian language» and «totalitarian discourse».

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  • Mironenko S.A.
    Definition of the concepts of «performativity» and «performance» in scientific discourse

    The paper discusses various approaches to definition of the concepts of «performativity» and «performance» in linguistics, social sciences and the humanities. An analysis is made of common and distinctive features of these phenomena. The common features are shown to exist: implementation of «the phenomenal event (performing something)», process and «reality creation». Essential distinction between performativity and performance is defined: existence or absence of the intentionally operating subject.

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  • Namitokova R.Yu. ,Shevatlokhova E.D.
    Some scientific and informative - educational aspects of new lexicon

    The paper discusses the scientific and informative - educational potential put in the neological lexicon. The author sheds light on some aspects of studying new lexicon. Prospects are shown of functioning of new words and, in this regard, word-formation opportunities of the Russian language.

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  • Pokotilov A.A.
    National and cultural specifics of aphorisms in the Russian institutional discourse

    This paper examines the aphorism as the author’s individual text, which can accumulate extra-linguistic information. Almost any text can be the object of analysis for the detection of national specific character. The institutional discourse is noted to be a variant of the national discourse continuum. It has been established that sustainable verbal complexes operate in the institutional discourse not in isolation with each other.

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  • Popova L.G. ,Bagronov E.D.
    On opportunities of a lexical-semantic explication of a conceptual component of a concept

    The paper presents the systematization of the contemporary approaches to studying a verbalization of conceptual component of concepts from positions of lingual culturology. The authors show an opportunity of disclosing a conceptual component of a concept through core lexemes and their synonyms on the basis of dictionaries and texts of different styles. The lexical-semantic representation of a conceptual component of the lingual culturological concept «sincerity» in English is given as an example. A conclusion is made about core and peripheral characteristics of this concept.

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  • Popova L.G. ,Zhilina I.S.
    On specific features of the translation of non-native-direct speech from Russian into German (semantic aspect)

    The paper examines specific features of interpretation of someone else’s speech, in particular non-native-direct speech, in the contemporary theory of translation. The non-native-direct speech is shown to include substantial and introducing parts. At its translation from Russian into German, the semantic status of this type of someone else’s speech is altered. It has been established that replacement of introducing part causes a change of semantics of its substantial part.

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  • Rybalchenko O.V. ,Pavlovskaya O.E.
    Quasiphraseological units in headings of the Kuban print media in light of an axiology

    The paper examines quasiphraseological units in headings of the Kuban print media as the means to describe the axiological sphere of the Kuban publicistic discourse. The quasiphraseological units are noted to act as some kind of sociocultural phenomenon since it is possible to characterize attitude and moral guidelines of modern native speakers through their interpretation. It is inferred that research of the Kuban modern publicistic discourse in light of an axiology is promising and interesting both for the purpose of enrichment of knowledge in the field of a paremialogy, and for the description of mentality of the people living in Kuban, their attitude and system of values in the conditions of changing reality.

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  • Khazhokova E.A.
    Functioning of the Russian realities in French (on the basis of the novel of Marc Levy «La premi&#232;re nuit»)

    The paper discusses realities reflecting specific national fragments of the Russian language picture of the world in French. Specificity of words realities is noted to consist in features of their plan of the contents. Its essence is defined by uniqueness of the subjects and phenomena designated by them which are characteristic only of the given ethnoculture. It has been established that in a fiction, realities play a great role in creation of local color and in expression of figurativeness and expressivity.

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  • Chalabayeva L.V.
    Act of the decision making and execution (an argumentative aspect)

    The paper is provided to show the results of the analysis of the practical material representing the argumentative component in the act of the decision making and execution. The conclusion is drawn that nature of relationship between the argumentative component and the act of the decision making and execution is presented by different types of the relations. It is marked at various levels of semiotic space, namely: syntactic, semantic and pragmatical.

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  • Shvelidze N.B.
    Specific features of compatibility and valency properties of verbal phraseological units with the meaning of person’s behavior

    An attempt is undertaken to describe the most characteristic types of compatibility of verbal phraseological units in a field of behavior, to reveal dependence of compatibility on semantics of phraseological units and to define possible types of unit valency. Lack of uniform government within the phraseosemantic groups has been revealed. The nature of compatibility of phraseological units in the speech is noted to be subject to dynamics that is expressed in object replacement and in its absence. The unit valency in the speech, except the obligatory one, tends to be expanded or implisitly expressed. It has been established that verbal phraseological units are characterized by a syntactic link of government (both strong and weak).

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  • Shevatlokhova E.D.
    Onomastics of rose varieties

    The paper examines onomastics of modern rose varities. The principles are shown according to which the rose receives the name, ways of the nomination and metaphorical names. Metaphorical names, as a rule, have expressional character, giving the additional emotional characteristic to the name in the form of the hidden comparison.

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  • Shkhapatseva M. Kh. ,Pazova L.M.
    On a lexical meaning of the word

    The paper discloses the depth and multicity of aspects of lexical meaning of the word as a lexicon phenomenon, as well as sheds light on types of lexical meanings of words and gives their characteristics. The lexical meaning of the word is related to concept, is specified and concretized as a part of the phrase and sentence. It has been established that information on a lexical meaning of the word, put in the text by the authors, does not remain invariable. It is characteristic of every period of lexicon development.

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    Literary Criticism

  • Autleva F.A.
    Folklore and literary interrelations in W. Irving’s prose as an element of its literary and esthetic concept

    The paper discusses features of a folklorizm in various prosaic works of Washington Irving and the main tendencies and motives of folklore and literary interaction in his books. An analysis is made of diverse elements of genres, motives, folklore images of people of the world in W. Irving’s creativity as a factor of dialogue of cultures. The conclusion is drawn that folklore tradition is efficient in works of the American writer.

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  • Balayan I.L.
    Problem of the personality in M.A. Tarkovsky’s stories

    The problem of the personality in M.A. Tarkovsky’s creativity is examined by using the analysis of stories «Ice Drift» and «From Height». The type of the heroes’ personality in these works is defined. Comprehension of the concept of the personality is possible only through consideration of its typology. The hero of the work is referred to a particular personality type on the basis of his value system. It is inferred that along with two other types of the personality – egocentric and ambivalent, a pattern is Christian as is an ideal of the Russian literature.

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  • Vasilyeva N.S.
    Typological features of the Adyghean sketch prose in the early 21st century (the short review)

    The paper examines the dynamics of a sketch in the Adyghean modern literature of the last decade. The portrait, problem and traveling sketches are allocated in the problem and thematic aspect of a genre. The carried-out review of the sketch works of the last decade allowed the author to reveal the genre, structural and style features of the Adyghean sketch prose, its ideological, thematic and structural - style variety. It is inferred that architectonic varieties prevail in the Adyghean sketch literature: sketch article, sketch story, sketch book and collection of sketches.

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  • Gubashiyeva E.M. ,Zhilova A.Kh.
    On romanticism and realism correlation in Khassan Tkhazeplov’s works

    The paper deals with the romanticism and realism correlation acquiring a serious scientific interest in research of a phenomenon of national literatures of the North Caucasus. Similarly to romantic heroes of the Russian literature, the romantic personality in national literature gets the tragic shade. Any touch of the lyrical hero to the world is conflict and even disastrous for him. At the same time the poet strives for the concrete representation of the social environment and a life of the individual person. It is inferred that national poetry asserts such spiritual and moral values as the love for the country and to the people. Lines of romanticism and realism in it are connected in organic unity.

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  • Panesh S.R. ,Kerasheva F.N.
    Sociohistorical factors in poems of Safer Yakhutl on the theme of war

    An analysis is made of the problem, style and genre-structural lines of poems on the theme of war in the Adyghean literature. It is shown that the reasonable use of the document, its masterful inclusion in a plot and psychological display of the front reality allows the author to make sense of the heroic character of war heroes more profoundly. It is established that the theme of courageous fight of the people was implemented through a plot and difficult destinies of the main characters.

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  • Paranuk K.N.
    Transcendental heroes in image system of the novel «Wine of Dead» of the Adyghean writer N. Kuyek

    The paper explores the image system of the novel «Wine of Dead» by N. Kuyek. The through heroes with immortality and staying on the verge of the real and unreal worlds are allocated in a mythic-poetic context of the novel. The archetypical features of the main characters and degree of their mythologization are revealed. The conclusion is drawn that these images are conceptual for realization of the author’s idea and achievement of structural-semantic integrity of the fiction text.

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  • Semenova R.E.
    The nature as a concept of spiritual and moral attitude in North Caucasian prose

    The paper examines the different types and functions of landscape in North Caucasian prose. Nature mythemes are analyzed. Landscape sketches are shown to carry out various emotional, social and psychological functions. It is established that this subject takes a worthy place in literatures and each work differs in the unique relation to the nature and transfers related proximity to it.

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  • Semenova R.E. ,Semenova R.E.
    Nature of the Caucasus as concept of fiction and moral attitude of the Russian writers

    The paper examines the motives and images of the Caucasian nature and the world and their conceptual role in the Russian prose. The authors show the principles of depiction of pictures of the nature as object of moral experiences of the person and means of disclosure of his inner world. The analysis of texts gives the chance to make sense of poetic models, to understand the trans-cultural and global processes touching all aspects both of Russian and national life and to define that they inevitably affect ideology and metapoetics of writers. This, in turn, generates new meanings and new art forms of creativity.

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  • Surkhayeva A.A.
    Personal freedom in the Russian and North Caucasian prose: modern vision

    The paper discusses reflection of traditions in art creativity. The author shows the continuity process, as well as ways of a reconstruction of a national picture of the world and national character. It is noted that research of «freedom» concept gives an opportunity to reveal the most diverse relationships of language with thinking and spiritual culture. It is inferred that comparison of works of writers with different esthetic systems discloses social, moral and spiritual proximity of searches.

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  • Tovsultanova D.S.
    Expression of an open author’s position in judgment of the priority principles of the Chechen national character (as shown by journalistic works of Musa Akhmadov)

    The paper sheds light on features of expression of an open author’s position on the basis of journalistic works of Musa Akhmadov. An analysis is made of the basic principles of the Chechen national character and types of their embodiment in the text as ways of a reconstruction of a national picture of the world. The journalistic methods serve the purpose of actualization of traditional ethics and culture material. It is inferred that the journalistic component is the most demanded at the crisis moments of national history.

    pdf 178-183.pdf  (321 Kb)

  • Chankayeva T.A.
    Nature ethnopoetics in the Karachay and Balkar literatures

    The paper explores the motives, images of the nature and concepts. Their functional role in national literatures is analyzed. The ethnopoetics is investigated. Features of the representation of the nature are revealed. Their relationship with mythological ideas of the people is traced. It is established that natural constants bring national spirit, color and figurativeness in poetics of authors.

    pdf 184-189.pdf  (320 Kb)

  • Cherkashyna T.Yu.
    The memoirs literature: synthesis of memoirs and autobiographical constituents

    The article is devoted to the study of the peculiar features of the memoirs literature. The author of the article establishes that, on the one hand, the memoirs literature has the main features of the documentary literature, such as documentary basis of works, accurate image, retrospection, etc; and on the other hand, it has own peculiar traits, such as subjectivism, reliance on the autobiographical memory, etc. The different degree of correlation of the memoirs and autobiographical constituents is one of the principal traits of this kind of the self-writing.

    pdf 190-194.pdf  (317 Kb)

  • Shorova Zh.K.
    Originality of the national poems («pshchynatl») and their influence on formation of literary poems - fairy tales

    An analysis is made of ideologically - art features of large poetic works of the Adyghean national poetry which has received the name «pshchynal» («pshchynatl»). The author investigates national fairy tales and poems, plots, motives, subjects, ideas and images of the fantastic epos, as well as the poetics of national poems. It is established that the poem - fairy tale enriched literature with plots, characters of heroes, ideas, means of art expressiveness, a figurative and language palette, the national expressions and the rich imagination of subject lines in the representation of feats of heroes.

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  • Kuyek A.S.
    Mythical image of the Isp in the Nart’s epos of Adyghes

    The paper sheds light on the Isps, one of the mythical images of «Nartkher», the heroic epos of the Adyghe people. Isps are undersized people, possessing sufficient courage, force and bravery. Along with giants Isps are perceived by tradition carriers as the first human beings and inhabitants of the territory occupied by them. Functions of giants and dwarfs as «cultural heroes» are not limited by creation of the first people. They are also the first owners of some subjects of culture. It is inferred that in a context of an ethno-mental worldview, representations about the Isps are important in research not only of the Adyghe «Nartkher», but also of the whole Caucasus.

    pdf 199-205.pdf  (329 Kb)


  • Bondarenko O.A.
    Mechanisms of value system creation in youth mass media

    The paper discusses the creation of value system in regional youth mass media. The youth prefers the Internet and TV which often propagandize cruelty, violence and platitude. The local press is shown to have higher circulations unlike the central mass media. It propagandizes traditional values. The author proposes to create youth supplements in regional and city newspapers, as well as schools for young reporters.

    pdf 206-211.pdf  (301 Kb)

  • Pinchuk Z.E.
    Reader’s address of the periodic printing edition as category of culture

    The category of the reader’s address is examined as the culturally-based characteristic of the periodic printing edition. Correlation of the given category with concepts of the implicit reader, the prototypical language and the lingua-cultural personality is traced. The conclusion is drawn that the reader’s address, as the generalized image of the culture carrier, imparts the special characteristics related to dominant installations of society to the media text.

    pdf 212-215.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • Prais-Harding N.Yu. ,Beshukova F.B.
    Role of Russian-English newspapers in political and spiritual life of the Russian diaspora in Great Britain

    The paper discusses functioning of printing editions of the Russian first wave diaspora in Great Britain. An analysis is made of peculiar features of newspapers and magazines, in particular typological and content features, as well as the language of edition. The role of the press of the Russian diaspora in political and cultural life of emigrants is shown. Basic researches are attracted. Their critical elucidation allowed the author to make a number of specifications. The author uses the original archival documents of library of the Cambridge University to substantiate the observations and to draw conclusions.

    pdf 216-221.pdf  (301 Kb)

    Study of Arts

  • Kaloshina G.E.
    Genre features and concept of the oratorio of C. Franck «Les Beatitudes»

    For the first time in a musicology, lines of multi-genre character of Franck’s writing are depicted as process of interaction of a number of sacral and secular genres. The author examines the features of formation of inter-text within the libretto, multilevel substantial layers of the oratorio and its spatial-temporal and composite organization. Polar intonation and thematic spheres are differentiated. Semantics of the leitmotifs is revealed. Presence of the concept of the Christian tragedy at each part of the composition and on the scale of an art ensemble is shown.

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