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Key words:

#3 / 2005

Philological Sciences: Linguistics

  • K.N. Paranuk
    Neomythology of the novel of D.Koshubaev “Abrag”

    The paper examines specific features of mythological creative work of young Adyghe writer D.Koshubaev, variants and types of mythologizing and innovative art methods and mythological-poetic devices used in the novel.

    pdf paranuk2005_3.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • A.S. Rubtsov
    The union of the literature and cinema

    The paper deals with audiovisual means (cinema and TV), providing connection of the scientific information with art, that start to play the greater role in education, especially at studying the literature. Filming of works of art of Russian and foreign classics creates original products of another kind of art, namely cinema which helps the teacher to educate the active reader and the spectator. From the very beginning of the occurrence the cinematography undertook attempts to screen the best classical products. Having such arsenal of art values, school teachers of the literature and lecturers of higher educational institutions can use them for educational purposes, achieving interaction of the book and a film.

    pdf rubcov2005_3.pdf  (139 Kb)


  • Z.K. Kakhuzheva
    Gift of the linguist and the teacher (Review of the book of Professor M.H. Shkhapatseva “Linguistics and Linguodidactics”)

    Issue of the book of M.H.Shkhapatseva “Linguistics and Linguodidactics” is a significant event. It consists of two parts containing papers on problems of linguistics, modern Russian and technique of training to Russian at Russian and Adyghe schools. This is a peculiar report on the long-term activity of the scientist.

    pdf kahujeva2005_3.pdf  (118 Kb)