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#3 / 2006

Philological Sciences: Linguistics, Literature and Literary Criticism

  • Pseunova B.N.
    Specific features of language consciousness of the Adyghes, Russians and Englishmen

    The object of research is the language consciousness of the Russians, Adyghes and Englishmen. National-cultural specificity of language consciousness of the Adyghes, Russians and Englishmen is the subject of research.

    pdf pseunova2006_3.pdf  (139 Kb)

  • T.T. Neshcheretova
    Typology of word formation of neuter gender noun names in the German and Russian languages

    The paper is devoted to a problem of expression of a grammatical gender in languages with different systems, namely in Russian and in German. All three grammatical genders are unequally productive and occupy different positions in grammatical structure of both the Russian and German languages. The interest to a neuter gender is caused here by significant difference of its functioning and expression in the Russian and German languages. An attempt is undertaken to reveal specific features of construction and expression of neuter gender noun names in the German language in comparison to Russian.

    pdf nesheretova2006_3.pdf  (133 Kb)

  • A.A. Agapitova
    The reviewer’s subject and the statements correlated with a concrete situation

    In a channel of last works on functional grammar the present paper discusses the reviewer’s subject as one of the ways of expression of the meaning of time localization or non-localization. As a result of application of a complex technique of semantic interpretation of the text conditionality of the meaning of time localization or non-localization by the meaning of the reviewer’s and uncertain – reviewer’s subject is proved.

    pdf agapitova2006_3.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • E.A. Buzarova and N.H. Zhenetl
    Multi-semanticity of language means of expression of spatial relations (as shown by examples from English and Russian languages)

    The idea about significance of extra spatial and timeless relations is the basis of the problem under consideration. These relations are compared to the designated reality and the nature of lexical meaning of prepositions is defined.

    pdf buzarova1_2006_3.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • E.A. Buzarova and S.A. Sasina
    Metaphorization of professional phrases as a special case of a secondary nomination

    The paper examines phraseologization of professional steady combinations in modern English caused by a general language tendency to use them in the rethought metaphorical meaning. The metaphor represents a special case of a secondary indirect nomination during which a new meaning of phraseological unit is created on the basis of a name already existing in language. Presence of semantic two-planned character in consciousness of speaker and listener forms the basis for creation of a new image. Professionalisms in new metaphorical meaning pass from special sphere into the general language use and make speech expressive and dynamical.

    pdf buzarova2_2006_3.pdf  (123 Kb)

  • M.D. Kunova
    Kabardinizms in T.Kerashev's historical works

    The paper discusses the lexical fund of T.Kerashev's historical works. The author points to the presence of the Adyghe-Kabardian interferential phenomena in them.

    pdf kunova1_2006_3.pdf  (131 Kb)

  • M.D. Kunova
    Adjectives, designating colour, and their functions in the T.Kerashev's novel “Lonely horsemen”

    In clause the qualitative adjectives in the T.Kerashev's novel, serving for a designation of colours and colour shades are considered a language environment and functions, which they carry out in art product.

    pdf kunova2_2006_3.pdf  (162 Kb)

  • M.O. Volkova
    Diaphonic correlations of vowels in the Russian and Adyghe languages

    The paper is devoted to setting up of Russian-Adyghe bilinguism and to revealing typical interferential deviations in the field of vowel phonemes in the Adyghe speech of the Russians.

    pdf volkova2006_3.pdf  (122 Kb)


  • A.S. Buzarov
    A generation of the 1940s. The new book

    Some days ago the scientific monograph “A generation of the 1940s” was issued. Its author is K.G. Achmiz, the well-known historian, the Candidate of the Historical Sciences, the Honoured Teacher of the Kuban, the Honoured Worker of National Education of the Adygheya Republic, Director of the Adyghe H. Andrukhaev Pedagogical College. The monograph is devoted to a labour feat of rural youth of the Northwest Caucasus during the Great Patriotic War.

    pdf buzarov2_2006_3.pdf  (86 Kb)